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Moonlight on the Mountain - Live on Wichita Sessions

Jack's Midnight Ghost - Live on Wichita Sessions

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Haymakers Celebrate Folk Music’s Many Streams • Sep 1, 2017


Haymakers Band pub photo

7/12/2018 Candle Club Wichita KS 7:00PM
7/13/2018 Westport Saloon KCMO 10:00PM
7/14/2018 Wheat State Wine Co. Winfield KS 8:00PM
7/19/2018 Iron Monk Stillwater OK 7:00PM
7/20/2018 Dragon Master Benefit Distillery 244 Wichita Ks 8:30PM
7/21/2018 Peerless Wichita KS 9:00PM
7/26/2018 Waubonsie Station Tabor IA 7:00Pm
7/27/2018 Sugar Clay Winery Thurman IA 7:00PM
7/28/2018 Sunset Music Series Malvern IA 7:00PM
7/29/2018 Ad Astra Strong City KS 6:00PM
8/10/2018 Love Grass Wilson State Park KS 9:00PM
8/25/2018 Central Standard Brewing, Wichita, KS 3:00PM
8/30/2018 The Voo Salina KS 8:00PM
9/1/2018 Radius Brewing Emporia KS TBA
9/2/2018 Brickyard, Wichita, KS 8:00PM
9/7/2018 Patton's Pickin' Parlor Winfield KS TBA
9/20/2018 Moonlight on the Mountain Birmingham AL TBA
9/21/2018 Bill's Pickin' Parlor Columbia SC TBA
9/22/2018 Live on Paris Ave. Port Royal SC 6:00PM
9/29/2018 Wichita Art Museum Wichita KS 7:00PM
11/9/2018 Soul City, Tulsa, OK TBA
11/10/2018 Chelsea's Eureka Springs AR tba